Let’s Go to Morocco

Let’s Go to Morocco

Beautiful Architecture Morocco Style

Morocco, an East African country bordering both the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans, is known for its Berber, Arab, and European cultural influences.

The central city of Rabat has a historical souk that sells souvenirs and artifacts from the past. The lively souk of M’Hamid el-Rabati on Marrakech’s outskirts is an ideal spot to visit while taking in the magnificent sights, sounds, and smells.

Makkah Muharramah

Makkah Muharramah, situated in Marrakech’s old quarter, is an old quarter built around a central fountain. It’s best visited with a guide who can point out the ancient alleyways and exciting sites such as the Al-Rabida Palace and the Zainab mosque. Be sure to visit the old city of M’Hamid el-Rabati that is less touristed and has excellent restaurants for your enjoyment.

The Medinas

The Medinas are the cultural center of Morocco and a tourist’s delight. Its old quarter is home to the University of Rabat and the national museum, displaying artifacts from across the country.

If you are more interested in sightseeing, there are some excellent hotels near the old quarter; the Grand Souq in M’Hamid el-Rabati is among the best, that has a beautiful garden.

Karakor is another popular resort city in Morocco. Here you will find a mix of old traditions and modern conveniences. Its main attraction is the Kairaouine, the volcanic island just off Rabat’s coast, where visitors can see an active volcano and take in natural beauty.

A little south of Rabat lies in Fes’s ancient town, now named after the Arabic ruler who founded the city, Ibn Fadlan. This historic town is a must-see in all seasons.

Moroccan Cuisine

Morocco is famous for its Arabic cuisine, though there is plenty of French culinary traditions as well. There are many restaurants throughout the country specializing in Moroccan cooking, and you will even be able to try some of the famous souqs at some of the resorts.

You will be amazed at how well the local cuisine can complement a holiday to Morocco, particularly when you consider that the food is varied and there are so many cuisines to choose from. There are many different places to eat, and there are also restaurants in many of the large towns and cities that will offer an open house type of experience to the tourist, where they can sample some of the dishes and see how they are prepared.

Go to the Beach

There are also several excellent beaches in Morocco, especially in the north-west part of the country and in Marrakech, with all-inclusive packages available to go on a holiday to Morocco in the north. where you can go on a guided holiday in one of the many villas or beachfront villas overlooking the beach.