Visiting the Arts in Vancouver, Canada

Visiting the Arts in Vancouver, Canada

If you are considering a trip to Vancouver, it would be beneficial to know what the arts can offer you. Vancouver is Canada’s liveliest and vibrant city, filled with an eclectic blend of ethnicity, cultures, and lifestyles.

For tourists who are interested in an artsy city with dynamic nightlife, Vancouver offers many theaters and performance venues for people who enjoy the theater and the arts. Even if you just want to soak in the beauty of the city, there is so much to see and do.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery is an internationally acclaimed gallery with a mandate to bring contemporary and innovative artistic forms and themes to the public. It holds numerous exhibitions and events that bring artists from all over the continent to this city. 

The museum has an extension in Guggenheim Museum; this extension has a permanent exhibition space for one of the largest contemporary art exhibitions in North America. 

BC Pacific Gallery

Another great place to visit is the BC Pacific Gallery. This award-winning facility is a significant resource for those interested in Canadian American art. The BC Pacific Gallery features both national and international catalog offerings. In addition to an extensive selection of books and exhibitions, the gallery is home to many fine artistic works.

Pacific Theater Company

If you are in Vancouver and interested in the performing arts, then you should check out the Pacific Theater Company. Established in 1974, the company specializes in corporate entertainment and cultural events.

In addition to corporate entertainment, the company often serves as a catalyst for events and festivals that are designed to enhance the corporate image of their partners. For example, they often sponsor trade shows that bring businesses and other professionals together with local and international artists.

BC Centre for the Arts

While in the city, you should also take a look at the BC Centre for the Arts. The Arts Centre has been running since 1971 and is located in the heart of Granville. It has been a vital part in the growth and development of the area. The Arts Centre houses many fine cultural exhibits, but also features many places for residents to enjoy a variety of theater productions, musical performances, plays and films.


There are many other great things to do in Canada, so regardless of your interests, there’s something for you in this North American country. However, if you have a difficult time planning your activities ahead of time, then you might want to hire a Canadian travel guide to make sure that you have a wide range of activities available to you when you visit this beautiful country. Your guide will be able to provide you with information on everything from what to do in Toronto to visiting the Canadian library system in Vancouver.